Competitor Analysis

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Competitor Research & SEO Reports

Get instant results by simply loging in, entering a website domain, and getting detailed SEO reports on all competitors you want to analyze. It even works on your own website(s).

Get traffic from places you most likely never thought of by researching competitor campaign strategies. Audit their sites, then audit yours, compare both, then become the leader of your niche. Surprise your enemies. Statscraper gives you an x-ray view of what your competitors are doing successfully, while you implement their strong points into your own website giving you full advantage of ranking and user engagement.

StatScraper lets you analyze competitor websites where you can carbon copy their entire campaigns. Practically stealing their optimization techniques, backlinks, keywords, and more. If you're already established, find out what they're doing, because most likely, they already know what you're doing and what you're not.

Each report also comes with a detailed PDF that you can download and share with your colleagues and clients.

Each website you add will have detailed reporting data with the following metrics:

  • Whois, IP, & Related Website Info

    Make sure your registration information is accurate and/or know who exactly your competitor is, related websites, and what other sites share the same IP.
  • MOZ Info, DMOZ Listing

    Check if a site is listed on DMOZ, and any other Moz information.
  • Google Back Link

    Get your BackLink Count, Total Link Count, and MozRank.
  • Malware Scan Report

    See if a site is considered safe by Google, McAfee, AVG and Norton.
  • Search Engine Index

    Find out where you rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Social Network Traffic

    Compare activity across all social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, Stumplesupon Buffer, and Xing.
  • Keyword & Meta Info

    Detailed breakdown of your title and metatags. See which HTML headings you are using, If you blocked by robot.txt or by meta-robots and no follow links. Total Keywords and analysis
  • Alexa Info

    Get global rank, top country rank, traffic rank, visitors per country, top keywords, search traffic, link statistics and other Alexa data.
  • SimilarWeb Info

    Benchmark against your competitors and industry. Reveal your competition's online strategy. Discover new opportunities - partners, leads or affiliates.
  • Mobile Friendly Check

    Analyze if a site is compatible on mobile devices and how to improve if it's not.

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